Meals To-Go

Our reusable Eco-Box containers are: sustainable, convenient, eco-friendly, 100% BPA-free polypropylene, commercial dishwasher safe, and microwave safe for reheating.

When getting food at a Dining Hall there are two options:

  1. Meal-to-Go: This means you will be filling up the appropriate containers that you receive from the cashier and leaving the Dining Hall.
    • You may not eat while you are in the Dining Hall.
    • You may not use your own containers that you bring in.
  2. Eating in the Dining Hall: This means you are eating all you care to eat and drink with only the plates and cups provided throughout the Dining Hall.
    • You will not be able to use any to-go containers.

Eco-Box Meals To-Go

If you have back-to-back classes and no time to eat in the dining hall, you may check out a reusable Eco-Box and fill it with food from the dining hall for a to-go meal. Eco-Box containers offer a sustainable alternative to single-use to-go boxes, helping reduce waste and minimize our carbon footprint. To be eligible for the Eco-Box program, you must have a residence hall meal plan or have purchased Banana Bucks

How it works:

  • A deposit of 10 Slug Points or Banana Bucks will be collected for use of the box. The deposit will be returned when the box is returned. If you lose your Eco-Box, you give up the deposit.
  • Eco-Box meals to-go are available at all dining halls 7AM–10PM, Monday–Friday; not available on weekends. 
  • After you eat, wipe the Eco-Box with a napkin. Food scraps and napkins can be discarded into a compost bin. We’ll deep clean the Eco-Box after you return it.
  • The next time you visit a dining hall, return the Eco-Box to the cashier. You can return the container to the dining hall that issued it, or another dining hall.

Meal To-Go Limitations

  • You are able to take 1 meal to-go per meal period, 7AM–10PM (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night).
  • You are allowed to take 1 piece of fruit or 1 dessert from the dining hall in addition to what is inside your meal to-go.
  • When filling your meal to-go, you must be able to close the box and are not allowed to fill it open, using it like a tray.

Compostable Serviceware

We offer compostable containers and utensils for the “Buddy Meal” Program only. This program is designed to provide meals to sick and injured students who are unable to leave their residences for health reasons.

For food safety reasons, we cannot allow our customers to use their own containers to take a meal to-go. Only the provided compostable serviceware or a freshly-issued Eco-Box may be used.

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