Tabling Policy

Tabling Policy

UC Santa Cruz Dining allows authorized campus groups, departments and student organizations to table at the campus dining halls in order to share information with students.

We also recognize the need for our customers to have a place where they can gather in a relaxed atmosphere to eat their meals and share social space with friends.


  • We limit tabling in our dining hall space to a maximum of one group at a time, with PRIOR approval. Tabling areas are clearly defined and approaching our guests while they are in line waiting for food or seated at tables is prohibited.
  • Information sharing/outreach to our students should be strictly voluntary on the part of our guests. They should always have a choice not to be engaged. If you are conducting a survey, you must wait until our guests approach your table before engaging with them.
  • To schedule and conduct tabling events inside the dining halls, you must first apply to become a member of our tabling program (Step 1 below). Only authorized campus groups, departments, and student organizations will be approved. Please allow up to one week for review. Once approved, you will receive a welcome email with a link to our members-only online scheduler.
  • By using our tabling scheduler, you will receive a confirmation and reminder email each time you schedule a tabling reservation (Step 2 below). Unit Managers will be notified that you have received permission on the given date and time for the location(s) you are requesting.
  • NOTE: Tabling requests at the Porter/Kresge Dining Hall are managed by Porter Activities Office. To request a tabling reservation, email or call 831-459-2857.
  • Members of the UCSC Dining Tabling program are expected to abide by common courtesies: schedule only the time that you need (and not more), and, if canceling or rescheduling, do so at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Please note, those who conduct the tabling are not entitled to eat in the hall, nor do they have access to beverages unless they pay the dining hall entry price in advance to the cashier.
  • If your table is blocking the entrance/exit or customer service areas you will be asked to relocate. Refusal to do this will result in termination of approved tabling.

Tabling Appointments

Requesting tabling appointments requires a one-time set up (Step 1). Once you're approved, you can book your own appointments (Step 2).

Step 1: Apply to become a member of our tabling program (you only need to do this step the first time). Please allow up to a week for approval.

Step 2: Schedule your tabling appointment. Login required.


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