Filming Policy

Student Filming Policy at UC Santa Cruz Dining Facilities

It is the intent of UC Santa Cruz Dining to allow access to student groups and organizations (on occasion) to film and/or photograph within our dining halls and restaurants. We also recognize the need for our customers to have a place where they can gather in a private, relaxed atmosphere to eat their meals and share social space with friends.

We respect the rights of our customers to not be filmed and/or photographed without their permission. Therefore, we limit these projects in our dining hall/restaurant space to academic student class projects ONLY.


  • Schedule your filming event with the UCSC Dining Marketing Coordinator (use form provided here) no less than two weeks prior to your event.
    • Once approved, you will be given an official signed release form to take to the dining hall/restaurant. The Dining Hall Manager/s will be notified that you have received permission for the specified date and time for the locations/s you are requesting.
  • Please note, those who are allowed access for your project are not entitled to eat in the dining hall, nor do they have access to beverages, unless they pay the dining hall entry price in advance to the cashier.

Any students who wish to film or photograph within a UC Santa Cruz Dining facility must meet the following criteria:

  • Project must be academic and part of a class project and/or assignment.
  • Film and/or photographs are only allowed to be seen by the class professor and/or shown within the class only. Any film and/or photographs may not be duplicated by any other party and may not be displayed in any other medium such as but not limited to text, YouTube, Tweet, Facebook, email, etc. without expressed written consent by the Director of UC Santa Cruz Dining and/or the UCSC Public Information Officer.
  • The class professor (not TA) should send an email (from their UCSC account) indicating who they are, what class this is for, who is the student requesting the approval, what the project is, and how the project is intended to be used and/or displayed. Send email to the Marketing Coordinator for UC Santa Cruz Dining.
  • Identify each individual that will assist with the project—film crew members, actors, etc. (typically, a maximum of 4 individuals will be allowed depending on location and time of day.)
  • Identify what location, what day, and what time frame you are requesting (start to finish.)
  • Your photographing, filming and/or equipment are in a place to not disrupt service, traffic flow, or create any safety hazard (Manager on Duty will work with you on suitable locations.)
  • May not use any uniformed employees in your filming and/or photography (will not disrupt or interfere with any other employees on site—this includes the direction/background of your filming and/or photographs) so as not to have any working employees within your project.
  • Will not wear and/or use any Dining uniforms (covering up logos and/or identifications or wearing similar colors is allowable.)
  • Will be allowed only in the general customer areas and not in any specific work areas or the back kitchen areas as this is a safety issue.
  • Filming and/or photography should be strictly volunteer on the part of our guests. They should always have a choice not to be engaged with.
  • Provide UC release forms for anyone who is incidentally captured in your filming and/or photography. Photo Release Form (PDF)

If you and/or crew are blocking the entrance/exit or customer service areas you will be asked to re-locate. Refusal to do this will result in termination of our release form. Refusal may result in removal from facility and/or judicial action.

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