Lost ID Card?

Photo taken prior to COVID-19. UCSC is following all CDC guidelines.

If you have lost or misplaced your student ID, don't worry you can still eat.

Lost Card Vouchers are available for students who have lost or misplaced their Student ID Card so that they may continue dining in our facilities while looking for or replacing their lost card. 

  • If you have an alternate form of photo identification (like a drivers license, state-issued ID card, or passport), you may purchase a Lost Card Voucher at any dining hall.
  • A Lost Card Voucher is $2.00 and is valid for 7 days.
  • Lost Card Vouchers may only be used to access the dining halls, and cannot be used to purchase food at cafes, restaurants, or coffee bars. 
If you do not have an alternate form of photo identification because your wallet or purse has been lost or stolen, take the following steps to get a Lost Card Voucher:
  • Visit your College ResLife Office and ask a staff member to escort you to the dining hall affiliated with your college.
  • The ResLife staff member needs to be able to identify you to the dining hall manager so that you can be issued a Lost Card Voucher.
  • In these instances, your Lost Card Voucher will only be valid at the dining hall that issued it.

When you obtain a Lost Card Voucher, our system flags your Student ID Card as "lost."

  • If you find your lost ID card within the 7 day window (of your Lost Card Voucher) take your card to ID Card Services (located in Quarry Plaza next to the bookstore) and they will remove the "lost card status" on your account.
  • If you DO NOT find your lost ID card you will need to purchase a new ID card from ID Card Services