Flexi Dollars

Flexi Dollars are “food dollars” that are accessed with a student’s university ID card, and can be spent like cash at dining halls and all on-campus restaurants, cafés, coffee bars, and convenience stores.

How It Works 

  • Flexi Dollars can be added to any meal plan or purchased alone.
    • Students: purchase Flexi Dollars or check your balance online
    • Faculty and Staff: Make your initial purchase and receive your Flexi Dollar card at the Campus Housing Office (104 Hahn Student Services). Once you have a card, purchase additional Flexi Dollars at any dining hall.
  • Use at cafés, coffee bars, and all dining halls for flexibility and convenience. Every dining venue on campus accepts Flexi Dollars.
  • Unused Flexi Dollars will automatically roll over from quarter to quarter and to the next academic year.
  • After two years of inactivity on your Flexi Dollars account, any remaining unused Flexi Dollars shall be forfeited and become the property of the University.
Use Flexi Dollars off-campus too

Use Flexi Dollars Off Campus Too

Use your Flexi Dollars at these off-campus locations.  Tip: Off-campus partners typically have just one cash register that accepts Flexi Dollars. Ask before waiting in line!

  • Pizza My Heart
  • CVS
  • Woodstock's Pizza

Discounts Available

  • 10% off dining hall entry: Pay with Flexi Dollars at any dining hall and receive a 10% discount off the single entry price.
  • Free dining hall entry: Add $50+ Flexi Dollars to your card at any dining hall, and get one free entry into the dining hall, to be used immediately following the transaction.

Flexi Dollar Refunds

  • Flexi Dollar refunds are available for balances over $10.00. Refund requests are only accepted at the end of the academic year (June 1 – 30). Students can request a refund at Student Housing Online.

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