Residence Hall Meal Plans

Our meal plans provide convenience, flexibility, and value for students living in the Residence Halls at UCSC’s colleges and the Transfer Community. 

The Slug Points Meal Plans provide one simple low price for access to our all-you-care-to-enjoy dining halls—just $8.28 per meal—plus a 10% discount at all UCSC Dining-operated cafés, coffee bars, and markets.

Each Slug Point has a dining value of $1 and the amount spent is deducted from the dining plan on your student ID card. You can check your balance any time on the GET mobile app or website.

There are three Slug Points meal plan options to fit your life and budget.

Meal Plan Details Ability to Add more Slug points

Slug Points
Meal Plan

  • Intended for our Banana Slug students who plan to visit campus Dining Halls for 3 meals/day, 7 days/week, or want greater flexibility to get food from other UCSC Dining locations
  • 1912.68 Slug Points per quarter
  • Approximately 21 meals per week when used exclusively in the Dining Halls

Slug Points
Meal Plan

  • Ideal for students who want to eat most — but not all — of their meals at UCSC Dining locations
  • 1689.12 Slug Points per quarter 
  • Approximately 18 meals per week when used exclusively in the Dining Halls

Slug Points
Meal Plan

  • Great for students who are away from campus often and won’t be eating at UCSC Dining locations as frequently
  • 1446.93 Slug Points per quarter
  • Approximately 15 meals per week when used exclusively in the Dining Halls

Students indicate a preference for one of these meal plans when applying for housing. A meal plan is REQUIRED for students living in the residence halls and is part of the housing contract. A meal plan will only be applied to your bill in if you are assigned to the residence halls.

Slug Points are accepted at all locations operated by UCSC Dining

Dining Halls, Cafes, Markets, and Perk Coffee Bars

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Dining Halls

  • Cowell/Stevenson
  • Crown/Merrill
  • College Nine/John R. Lewis
  • Porter/Kresge


  • Porter Market

Perk Coffee Locations

  • Baskin Engineering
  • Physical Sciences


  • Global Village Cafe
  • Oakes Cafe
  • Stevenson Coffee House

More locations will be opening soon!

Dining Halls

  • Rachel Carson/Oakes (opening 2023)


  • Banana Joe’s Convenience Store (opening 2023)
  • Slug Stop at Quarry Plaza (opening 2023)

Perk Coffee Locations

  • Earth and Marine Sciences (opening during fall quarter 2022)


  • Owl’s Nest (opening 2023)
  • Terra Fresca (opening 2023)

Managing Your Dining Account

  • You’ll start each quarter with the number of points included with your plan. The Slug Points in these plans expire at the end of each quarter.
  • Each meal purchased in a dining hall and each item purchased at one of the other campus eateries will be deducted from your balance. Students are encouraged to track their spending and check their remaining balance through the GET mobile app or website.
  • Add more Slug Points: If your Slug Points balance begins to run low, you can add "Slug Points Bonus" at any time during the quarter using GET. Parents can also add "Slug Points Bonus" for their student through GET.
  • Slug Points Bonus can be purchased in increments of 50, 100, and 500. Slug Points Bonus added through GET carry over from quarter to quarter and expire at the end of the academic year in June.
    • Note: 500 Slug Points Bonus not available during the last three weeks of the academic year.
  • For additional flexibility, Flexi Dollars can also be added through GET. Flexi Dollars can be used at all campus dining locations, as well as the Bay Tree Campus Store, select off-campus vendors, and for food delivery from local restaurants through Grubhub.

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Changing Your Meal Plan

For students living in the Residence Halls:

  • During the summer, and during specified filing periods in fall and winter quarters, you may change your meal plan selection starting the following quarter.


  • Log in to the Housing Portal to submit a meal plan change.
  • Meal plan change requests made during a filing period will become effective on the first day of the following quarter.

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