Operational Changes to Dining Services in Response to COVID-19

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Operational Changes to UCSC Dining, spring 2020 

Colleges Nine and Ten Dining Hall

Day Date Hours
Saturday 4/4 6:30AM–11PM
Sunday 4/5 6:30AM–11PM
Monday 4/6 6:30AM–11PM
Tuesday 4/7 6:30AM–11PM
Wednesday 4/8 6:30AM–11PM
Thursday 4/9 6:30AM–11PM
Friday 4/10 6:30AM–11PM
Saturday 4/11 6:30AM–11PM
Sunday 4/12 6:30AM–11PM

Crown/Merrill Dining Hall

Day Date Hours
Saturday 4/4 6:30AM–8PM
Sunday 4/5 6:30AM–11PM
Monday 4/6 6:30AM–11PM
Tuesday 4/7 6:30AM–11PM
Wednesday 4/8 6:30AM–11PM
Thursday 4/9 6:30AM–11PM
Friday 4/10 6:30AM–8PM
Saturday 4/11 6:30AM–8PM
Sunday 4/12 6:30AM–11PM

Convenience Stores

These locations will be open as convenience stores, with grocery items and grab and go meals. No hot food or coffee beverages will be available.

-Banana Joe's
-College Eight Cafe
-Terra Fresca Coffee Bar/University Center

Day Date Hours
Saturday 4/4 Closed
Sunday 4/5 Closed
Monday 4/6 8AM–8PM
Tuesday 4/7 8AM–8PM
Wednesday 4/8 8AM–8PM
Thursday 4/9 8AM–8PM
Friday 4/10 8AM–8PM
Saturday 4/11 Closed
Sunday 4/12 Closed

Health and Safety Guidelines

  • All meals must be taken “to go” from the Dining facility.
  • Maintain a 6-foot physical distance from other people to minimize any unnecessary exposure.Eco Box
  • You are encouraged to sign up for the Eco Box program with environmentally friendly, reusable, "to go" containers. Bring back your empty container on your next visit and exhange for a clean one. No fee will be assessed for utilizing this program. Compostable “To go” boxes will be made available for all others.
  • Food handler gloves will be provided upon entrance and all patrons must wear them during their dining hall visit.
    • Do not touch, face, nose, or mouth with gloves.
    • Do not touch cell phone or other personal items once inside the dining hall.

Dining Services staff will continue to be proactive in promoting the highest levels of sanitation in high traffic and public areas.

As staffing levels or other precautions necessitate, Dining may need to continue to adjust operations.

  At this time all other Dining Hall and Dining retail locations are expected to remain closed:

  • Cowell/Stevenson Dining Hall
  • Porter/Kresge Dining Hall
  • Rachel Carson/Oakes Dining Hall
  • Oakes Cafe
  • Perk Coffee Bar at Earth & Marine Sciences
  • Perk Coffee at Physical Sciences Building
  • Perk Coffee at Baskin Engineering
  • Stevenson Coffee House
  • Terra Fresca Restaurant


  These independently-operated cafes are CLOSED during the "Shelter in Place":

  • Bowls by Cafe Brasil (at Porter College)
  • Iveta Cafe (at UCSC Quarry Plaza)
  • Global Village Cafe by Amazon Juices (at McHenry Library)


IMPORTANT Changes to Dining Hall Prices and Meal Plans

  • Students on the 5-day meal plan for spring quarter will be upgraded, at no additional cost, to the 7-day plan to ensure dining access during the weekends.
  • Students already on the 7-day plan for spring quarter will soon see a rate reduction to the cost of the 5-day plan.
  • Apartment residents who wish to obtain the 7-day meal plan at the 5-day plan cost may do so.
  • Slug Meal sales will be suspended for the rest of the academic year; however, they will still be accepted as a form of payment at the dining halls.
  • Dining hall single-entry prices have been reduced by 10%.
  • Students paying with Flexi Dollars receive an additional 10% off. Purchase Flexi$ and have them instantly added to your account with the GET website (get.cbord.com/ucsc) or the GET mobile app (see buttons below) and your credit card. Parents can also add Flexi Dollars to their student's account through GET.
  • To Purchase Flexi$: Log into the GET app or website, select "Deposit Funds" followed by "Credit Card Purchase" and choose Flexi. When prompted, add your form of payment and choose the amount of Flexi$ you would like to add to your account.
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Slug Meal Refunds

Please note: sale of Slug Meals has been suspended for the remainder of the academic year; however Slug Meals already on your account will still be accepted as payment at dining halls.

Unused Slug Meals typically expire at the end of the academic year. As an exception, UCSC Dining is offering a refund of Slug Meals that you may not be able to use if you are not on campus during spring 2020. Request a refund of any unused Slug Meals by completing this form. (Note: you must be logged in to your UCSC Google account to complete the form). Refunds will be processed in a timely fashion. Questions? Contact dining@ucsc.edu.

Spring Voluntary Meal Plans

Apartment and off-campus residents who purchased 7-day or 5-day meal plans may cancel those plans by contacting meals@ucsc.edu.

Flexi Dollar Refunds

Unused Flexi Dollars automatically roll over from quarter to quarter and to the next academic year. If you prefer to request a refund of your unused Flexi Dollars please submit a request at studenthousing.ucsc.edu.