Operational Changes to Dining Services in Response to COVID-19

  • Dine-in service now available at the dining halls. To-Go boxes are still an option. 
  • Masks are no longer required, but recommended when not at a table eating.
  • If you have a red quarantine or isolation badge, or have symptoms of illness, do not go to the dining hall. Have a friend pick up a Buddy Meal for you.

UCSC Dining is following all CDC guidelines, all state and local public health requirements, and all policies and recommendations outlined in the UC Santa Cruz Slug Strong website. Our staff members continue to be proactive in promoting the highest levels of sanitation in high traffic and public areas. We are #SlugStrong! Together we can curb COVID-19.

Locations and Hours

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Dining is adjusting operations as resources and precautions necessitate. We're working to reinstate service at additional locations. Our current operations prioritize service for residential students, especially students in residence halls since they do not have personal kitchens. On-campus food pantries and independently-operated locations may also be open.

Customer Guidelines

Know Before You GoWhen You ArriveDuring Your Visit

Know Before You Go

  • Face coverings are no longer required, but recommended when you're not at a table eating.
  • Students must display a current Health Clearance Badge before entering. Learn how to check your clearance status by reviewing the Student Health Center’s COVID-19 Information for Students
    • A green clearance badge allows you to dine-in or take a meal to-go if you choose.
    • A yellow clearance badge allows you to take a meal to-go. You won’t be permitted to dine-in until you take appropriate action to receive a green badge.
    • If you have a red clearance badge, don’t visit the dining hall. Students with a red clearance badge indicating “quarantine” or “isolation,” will receive quarantine/isolation meal delivery. If you are awaiting a move to quarantine or isolation housing, have a friend pick up a Buddy Meal for you.
  • Faculty, staff, and visitors must display a current Cleared Symptom Check email notification before entering. Learn how to complete your daily symptom check by reviewing the Student Health Center’s COVID-19 Information for Faculty & Staff.
COVID Test Me graphic
  • Make regular COVID-19 testing part of your routine.
    It’s smart, free, and easy! Find out how »
  • If you receive a positive COVID test result while living in university housing, please do not go to a Dining location or other public space; do your best to isolate yourself immediately. Follow this list of instructions provided by the Student Health Center.

When You Arrive

  • Have your payment method and clearance badge (or cleared symptom check email) ready before you reach the cashier.
Help us move lines faster at the dining halls! Here’s how:
  • Screenshot your health clearance badge each day before visiting the dining hall. It needs to have today’s date!
    • If your student ID photo is not already showing on your clearance badge, upload your photo in your Health e-Messenger Profile to help us check you in faster.
  • Have your clearance badge and Student ID card ready before you reach the cashier.
  • No student ID card yet? 
    • Use the Scan Card function on the GET app. DO NOT screenshot your GET app ID, as the GET system refreshes every 30 seconds, so GET app screenshots will not work.
  • Student ID cards swipe in faster than GET, so if you have your card, use it!
  • Use the hand sanitizer station when you arrive at a dining facility. 
  • Wash your hands before and after eating.
  • Students who are observing a sequester period after moving to campus should request their meals to-go until their sequester period has ended.

During Your Visit

  • If you request a to-go meal, you will be provided a to-go container that you can fill and take with you to enjoy outside the dining hall.
  • If you are dining in and you want seconds, grab a clean plate or bowl after putting your used plate and bowl on the dish return.
  • Follow the guidance on the signs posted throughout the facility.

If you have any questions about our COVID-19 response that are not answered on our website, please contact us. Thank you!