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Ramadan dining program: March 10–April 9, 2024

Iftar: UCSC Dining offers increased Halal food options during Ramadan at the Late Night Dining Halls, including dates for students to break their fast.

Three Dining Halls offer Ramadan options sunset to 11PM*

  • College 9/John R. Lewis Dining Hall, seven days per week
  • Cowell/Stevenson Dining Hall, Sunday - Thursday
  • Rachel Carson/Oakes Dining Hall, Sunday - Thursday

Suhoor: Porter and Merrill markets have items you can purchase for suhoor. Available items include cereals, oatmeal, yogurt, and hard-boiled eggs. Meal plans are accepted at all UCSC Dining-operated locations.

In addition to the markets, if you go to the dining hall for iftar, you can use a second meal swipe to get a to-go Eco-Box for the next day's suhoor.

Eco-Box program

  • A deposit of 10 Slug Points or Banana Bucks will be collected for use of an Eco-Box. The deposit will be returned when the box is returned. If you lose your Eco-Box, you lose the deposit.
  • Eco-Boxes are generally available Monday–Friday until 10PM. During Ramadan they are also available on weekends.

Spring break

* Dining halls are closed during spring break, from 8PM on Friday, March 22 until 5PM on Sunday, March 31. There is no Late Night on March 22 or March 31; dining halls close at 8PM. Regular hours resume April 1.

Prayer space

  • A prayer space is available for those observing Ramadan above College 9/John R. Lewis Dining Hall, 7–11PM on evenings when the dining hall is open.
  • Dates and water will be available outside the room.
  • On certain nights, the Alumni Room may not be available. If that is to occur, an alternate space will be made available.

More campus food options

  • Meal plans (Slug Points, Banana Bucks, and Flexi Dollars) are accepted at all UCSC Dining-operated locations
  • UCSC Dining’s Porter Market, Merrill Market, and Slug Stop have a variety of Halal options that students can purchase to eat later.
  • Slug Stop will be open regular hours during spring break (Mon-Fri: 8AM-6PM, Sat: 10AM-5PM). All other UCSC Dining locations will be closed during spring break.

UCSC Basic Needs website has information on food pantries and produce pop-ups including free and low-cost options to pick up food during the day.