Dinner at Cornucopia

Tuesday, September 26


Location: UCSC East Field (map)

Join UCSC Dining, UCSC Athletics & Recreation, and hundreds of campus and student clubs and organizations on the East Field. Find a community to enhance and enrich your college experience. Enjoy entertaining performances and a picnic dinner on the field with an amazing view of Santa Cruz and the Monterey Bay!

This is the only dinner service on campus for the day, so don’t miss it! Get your dinner ticket IN ADVANCE starting Thursday 9/21/2023 at any dining hall, Merrill Market, or Porter Market. Tickets can be purchased with meal plan Slug Points, Banana Bucks, Flexi Dollars, or credit/debit card.

All dining halls close at 1:00pm on this day to prepare for dinner at Cornucopia.

Cornucopia Dinner Tickets

Payment Method Price
Meal Plan Slug Points or Banana Bucks $12.23
Flexi Dollars $12.60
Credit/debit card $14.00

Photo of students getting food at the Dining tents for a picnic dinner at Cornucopia event